What Exactly Are Snap Bars, and How Do They Work?

No matter if you’ve heard of them before or not, wax melt snap bars are fast becoming a highly popular alternative for creating the perfect environment in which to unwind. Compared to scented candles, scented wax melts have a considerably stronger aroma. Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing facts about snap bars!

What is a Snap Bar, and how does it work?

A snap bar is similar to a wickless candle that comes in a convenient, easy-to-use package. Each 50 gram bar is delivered in five parts, each of which is packaged in a convenient storage container.

Snap Bars are a type of bar that snaps together.

Our melt bars are created from eco-friendly soy wax and blended with quality aroma oils that are sourced from the United Kingdom. They are vegan-friendly and devoid of animal byproducts. The packaging is constructed of recycled plastic, which is also completely recyclable in and of itself.

As you may be aware, there are two different kinds of burners. The first type of burner is an electric burner, which is connected to an electrical outlet. Typically, the heat is generated by an electrical heating element that is housed within the burner itself. Increasing the amount of heat created causes the wax to melt.

The other sort of burner is the traditional tealight burner, which heats your wax with the help of a tea light.. It’s a little cylindrical candle that is housed inside a metal or plastic cup called a tea light. As soon as the wick on the tea light is lighted, the flame transmits heat to a container that is placed above the tea light source. As a result, heat is transferred to the container, and the snap bar starts to melt.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Snap Bar?

Our wax melt snap bars are packaged in beautiful white eco-friendly packaging to ensure that they are easily identified.

Each of our bars is divided into five segments. By breaking off a part of the melt and putting it within your burner dish, you may use it as needed. Heat is formed when the wax burner is lighted or connected into the wall, depending on whether you’re using an electric or a tea light burner. This heat melts the wax and causes it to become liquid. With each melt, the wax sends a burst of pleasant, calming smells into the air.

Snap bars are available in a range of distinct smells, allowing you to select the scent that is most appealing to you.

Exactly what are the advantages of snap bars aren’t quite clear.

Snap bars have a number of important advantages, some of which are as follows:

Simple to use – simply break a piece off and place it in your burner; no need to cut wax is required.

Storage is made simpler by the flat design of the bars, which makes it easier to store them in a variety of containers. They also stack well, so there will be no more jumbled stacks of melts.

Our snap bars make excellent presents because of their appealing packaging.


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