Valentine’s Day: It’s time for you to look at your relationship and not just the chocolates

When the red roses, pink cards, and chocolates arrive, you know what’s coming. Isn’t it time to rethink Valentine’s Day in an era that places more emphasis on mental health, well-being, and mindfulness?

Valentine’s Day is often criticized for being a commercial event. But it doesn’t have to be all about chocolates and flowers. It is important to be kind to your partner and to appreciate them. Valentine’s Day should be used to reflect on the things that are working well in your relationship.

It is crucial, to be honest about your needs in a relationship for it to flourish and not fall apart. Communication is essential.

WhatsApp your partner?

There are many ways to communicate these days, and our interaction has evolved significantly over time. We often feel like we aren’t being heard or understood. While we all spend a lot of time “checking in” on our digital lives, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, how much time do we spend with our partners?

The Chief Medical Officer advised parents last week about their children’s use of technology. One key message was to “lead by example”. The general advice to parents to spend more time together, and have no screen meals is equally applicable to marital relationships. Children aren’t the only ones who love to use social media and look at their phones.

Are we just looking for relationships?

Are we seeing technology negatively in the way that we engage with our relationships? Online dating has become the norm. But does this mean that we now view our ongoing relationships differently? Are they less permanent? Online dating is easy. If we don’t like what appears on the page, we swipe again. We choose (or dismiss!) people based on their profiles, not human interaction. Is this the best way to find a long-term partner?

Valentine’s Day should encourage us to be more aware of our relationships and to focus on ways we can communicate better. Technology is becoming a key part of our daily lives. We are heading towards isolation. This can lead to a loss of important relationships. Technology should not be replaced by face-to-face time.

Communication is essential in any relationship

As a family law firm surrey, I have learned that communication problems can be a major cause of relationship failure. Family lawyers can talk to clients about ways to improve communication in their relationships. Even if it doesn’t save the marriage it can help ensure that the separation process goes as smoothly as possible. This is especially important when it comes down to parenting. Talking to one another, reflecting on how you spend your time together, and communicating effectively as a family or couple can make all the difference.

The fact that you took the first step to seek out advice about divorce does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to save your relationship. People often realize that they want to improve their relationship and not end it when confronted with the prospect of divorce. This is a great opportunity to reflect. The divorce proceedings include a certificate that informs the court that the solicitors have completed if reconciliation has been discussed. It is important to remember that divorce should not be taken lightly and solicitors must discuss all options with clients, including reconciliation.

Couples have many resources to help them overcome communication difficulties. These include mediation and counseling.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day make sure it is one-on-one. And don’t forget your phone!

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